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Laser welding

Our laser welding systems are mainly used for mass-produced parts in the transmission sector of the automotive industry. Most of the components are rotationally symmetrical..

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3D flexible laser cell

The 3D Flex cell is suitable for universal use in a range of applications and laser processes. Variable expansions and axis configurations of the processing optics make the system highly versatile.

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Gantry 3D-Laser centre

Flexibility and the expansion options of our 3 D laser system offer users more opportunities than conventional standard systems. With our gantry series, we provide a 3D laser processing center for large-volume components.

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More laser concepts

Solutions which exceed the scope of a regular schedule and cannot be produced using standard concepts are a key part of our portfolio.

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News December 2014

from 7.-10. April 2015. The Industrie show is the annual meeting for industrial actors in France. Do not hesitate to visit us in the Welding Hall on our booth C 64 (Hall 4).

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Service & Employees

Our highly skilled employees bulids powerful teams. For all integrated system units you will find a professional contact.


Customers & Distributors

Laser technology from Germany
- available around the world

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We produce & develop complex laser systems including the required automation compo-nents and jig/fixture technology.

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