3D flexible laser cell

3D flexible laser cell

We use the term Flex cell to combine a multitude of options for laser machining. The 5-axis laser machining center offers large travel paths on a relatively small footprint. All components are mounted on a base frame and the system can therefore be dismantled and set up on the customer’s premises again within a short time. The 5-axis kinematics can be implemented using different combinations of travel paths of the optics and workpiece. We supply the machining center with the processes laser welding, laser cutting and laser deposition welding as standard.

More options such as for example welding with wire, fixture designs according to component specifications, scanner optics, crane loading of the workpieces or robotic loading allow both operation of series actions or also manual loading of workpieces.

Layout 3D flexible laser cell

Layout Laser 3D Flexzelle

The Arnold laser systems all feature the characteristic solid and sturdy design, and base components as welding assemblies.

The Z-axis with the integrated processing optics travels in horizontal and vertical direction on the portal frame bridge. The optics can be expanded with rotary and swiveling axes for the 5-axis laser machining center. The table assembly can also be supplied as an option with rotary and swiveling axes. The maximum configuration level is 7 NC axes.

All components, including those of the switch- and media cabinet can be placed on a base frame and enable the system to be shipped without major dismantling.


3D flexible laser cellVideo

From 3D-printing through complex laser-welded parts to the 3D laser machining of large components. The Flex cell can do more than just the standard tasks and provides various laser processes within a single system.

Technical Data

  3D Laser Center Flex cell
FootprintLaser 3D Flexzelle Abmessungen
Travel paths / VelocityX = 1000 mm (60 m/min)
Y = 1200 mm (60 m/min), 
Z = 500 mm (30 m/min)
C = n x 360° (300°/s)
B = ± 90 (300°/s)
Dimensions  (L x B x H)3400 x 2450 x 3300 mm
Workpiece (LxBxH):600 x 400 x 200 mm (3D functionality)
Control systemSinumerik 840 D SL
Beam sourceSolid-state laser (standard)
ProcessesAll laser applications in the 2 D and 3 D area
Laser power>1 kW
Positioning accuracyX, Y, Z +/- 0,01 mm (VDI 3441)


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