3D laser processing center – FlexLine from ARNOLD Ravensburg

Maximum flexibility with up to 7 axes for laser welding, cutting and other laser processes 

Image: Flexline FLX - 350 for laser cutting of components for the aerospace sector. Here you can see a system for the company AVIC (China).

On the machine, components made of Kevlar, metal and aluminum are mainly cut with a CO2 laser. The 3-D machining center has 5 axes as standard for 3-D machining with the laser tool and, at the customer's request, was expanded with a rotary swivel table for improved workpiece machining.  

The systems of the series are preferably equipped with solid-state lasers, but can also be supplied with the tried-and-tested CO2 lasers, as is the case here. 

The FlexLine series is predestined for customers in the field of small series production, job shops, as well as research and development.  

Figure: Flexline interior view with cutting optics and rotary swivel table
Flexline as a work of art

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