Coating brake discs using laser and powder

BrakeLine-Rotate for laser coating of brake discs

The Maschinenfabrik Arnold GmbH from Ravensburg has received a major order for several laser systems for coating brake discs for a customer from the DACH region.

As part of the EURO 7 emissions standard, limit values ​​for brake system emissions are being introduced. In order to achieve a reduction in fine dust emissions, brake discs will in future be coated with a wear-protecting layer such as tungsten carbide, titanium carbide or newly developed materials.

In order to be able to produce the enormous demand for brake discs, the Maschinenfabrik Arnold GmbH various system concepts for a wide range of requirements. The new BrakeLine Rotate offers a turntable for loading parallel to main time and the shortest possible non-productive times.

The new BrakeLine Twin, with a double optic principle, reduces cycle times even further. Various sensors for laser power measurement, layer thickness measurement, powder nozzle measurement, etc. complement the system concepts.

The new BrakeLine Systems are ideal for customers in the areas of series production, job shops, and research and development.

More information will follow shortly…

The sales team from the Maschinenfabrik Arnold GmbH under and +49 751 36169-199 for further information.