Arnold laser cleaning system – effective cleaning using light

Maschinenfabrik Arnold from Ravensburg developed and delivered a laser cleaning system for differentials for a well-known customer from the automotive sector.

The fully automated system consists of several individual processes and is integrated into the assembly area of ​​the customer's production.

The core process of the system is the laser welding of a differential housing and a ring gear with an alloy ring as additional material. This procedure is unique in Germany.
Upstream processes such as laser cleaning and joining, as well as quality assurance processes such as brushing and ultrasonic testing of the weld complete the overall concept.

The laser cleaning system was custom-tailored by Arnold GmbH to the end customer's range of components. A pulsed fiber laser is used as the beam source. Due to the high pulse frequency, contaminated surfaces or conversion layers (e.g. phosphate layers) can be removed economically and in an environmentally friendly manner. The system can be loaded manually or automatically. Both joining partners are placed on a component-specific device. The feed and thus the processing speed are regulated by means of an NC-controlled rotary axis. Process-related extraction filters the removed material and keeps the system clean.
Another advantage of laser cleaning compared to conventional cleaning is that the components do not come into contact with water and there is therefore no risk of corrosion.
The compact design and the "single-block" construction enable easy transport and quick re-commissioning at the end customer.

This future-oriented technology has the potential to replace conventional processes in a wide variety of industrial sectors.

The sales team at ARNOLD RAVENSBURG under and +49 751 36169-199 for further information.

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