Gantry for powder and wire cladding as well as laser cutting

Karl H. Arnold Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG develops special laser machines based on the requirements of the respective customer. For this purpose, the specific data for the components that are later to be processed on the machine are requested by the customer and then taken into account in the construction process of the system. The machine type varies depending on the component size. The space requirement in the system should not be underestimated, especially for large components. The solution from Arnold Ravensburg here is a 3D laser processing center, the gantry. This large, bulky system with travels of 2500 mm in the X and up to 5000 mm in the Y and 1000 mm in the Z direction is therefore able to accommodate components with unusual dimensions and still impresses with a positioning accuracy of the axes of ± 0,02 mm, which enables the most delicate processes to be mapped.

Gantry - CUSTOMIZED LASER SYSTEMS (  PDF 122 kb / PDF 122 kb)