GeKowiG in action | Video of the working machine

Powder deposition welding in an inert gas atmosphere

Powder deposition welding has become increasingly important in the production or coating of parts in recent years. In most cases this can be done under normal operating conditions. But what if a material is not air or water stable? The research association consisting of partners PFW Aerospace, Fraunhofer IWS, SKM Informatik, TU Dresden and Maschinenfabrik Arnold addressed this question. In the GeKowiG research project, a machine and a process were jointly developed to implement powder deposition welding in an inert gas atmosphere. (The content of the research project is examined in more detail in the article from February 12, 2024.) In the following video, which was provided by PFW Aerospace, the functional machine developed is presented in action.

Project partners:
Fraunhofer Institute for Materials and Beam Technology IWS
SKM Informatik GmbH
IfWW of the Technical University of Dresden
PFW Aerospace GmbH