Laser welding systems WeLD-80 / WeLD-150

WeLD-80 / WeLD-150 laser welding systems - productivity in the smallest of spaces

Our WeLD-80 / WeLD-150 laser welding systems install all of the components required for a mass process in a small space laser welding of round components.

Thanks to the newly designed sliding counter-pressure bearing, which absorbs the necessary contact pressure during welding, the component can be inserted into the clamping technology directly from above. Another counter-pressure bearing can be arranged on the side and is retracted without retooling when changing components. Our tried-and-tested clamping technology has once again been reduced in terms of space requirements compared to the previous version.

With the WeLD-150, radial and axial welds can be carried out with an NC rotary axis without retooling. An increased clamping force also enables welding of massive differential components.

Additional processes - automation options

Laser system automation options

Our modular design technology allows the layout to be varied depending on the cycle time and process requirements. We are constantly improving and expanding our system technology.

This is complemented by other core processes laser welding: Joining station with various press modules and evaluation software (e.g. force-displacement monitoring). Heating station to improve the welding process with hardened components. Ultrasound station for the quality monitoring of the weld seam. Automation technology and conveyor systems for material handling.

  1. WeLD-80 / WeLD-150 welding
  2. Heating station
  3. Joining station
  4. Automation (robots)
  5. Ultrasonic
  6. Outfeed / infeed conveyor


M1500 laser welding systemVideo

With the WLD-150 laser welding system, without changeover times large workpieces are welded. Manual and autom. Loading possible. Customer-oriented solution options through additional processes.

M800 laser welding system with additional processesM800 laser welding system with additional processesVideo

With different layout variants For additional processes and automation options, the WLD-80 offers many possible solutions in addition to laser welding.

Technical data

WeLD-80 laser welding systemWeLD-150 laser welding system
TravelsX = 150 mm (optics)
Z = 150 mm (optics)
C = nx 360 ° (component)
X = 500 mm (optics)
Z = 500 mm (optics)
C = nx 360 ° (component)
B = +/- 100 ° (optics)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
(Welding cell without laser and cooler)
about 800 x 2000 x 2240 mmabout 1500 x 2000 x 2800 mm
steeringSinumerik 840 DSinumerik 840 D
Beam sourceSolid state and CO2-Laser, 1-8kWSolid state and CO2-Laser, 1-8kW
workpieceØ 200 mm x 70 mm (height)
Shafts max 250 mm
Ø 250 mm x 70 mm (height)
Shafts max 250 mm
Cycle timeAbout 20 secondsAbout 20 seconds
loadingAutomated or manualAutomated or manual


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