Laser processing cell MODULE 4 LS

Laser cell Module 4 LS

At NORTEC 2020 we presented our newly developed Laser cell Module 4 LS (4-axis laser system).
With the laser cell, we can realize a variety of laser processes such as welding, cutting, powder build-up welding and hardening. The machine was specially developed to integrate various scanners.

E-Mobility components, as well as difficult material combinations, can be welded spatter-free with the scanner optics, such as the high-frequency
scanner system REMOWELD FLEX. developed by Fraunhofer IWS Dresden together with Arnold.

This includes materials such as copper, aluminum or even die-cast aluminum. The flexibility of the MODULE 4 LS is reflected
not only in its process diversity but also in the kinematics of the system. With 3 linear axes, alternatively two linear axes and one rotary axis, combined in one machine, the user is provided with a broad range of potential component machining operations.
And all this with minimal system dimensions.

Layout Laser cell Module 4 LS

The system is designed as a Single Block design and can be commissioned at the customer’s premises within a very short amount of time.

  • Axis system with a small footprint
  • Automated loading possible
  • Integrated rotary axis
  • Specialized in scanner welding
  • Various optical assemblies can be integrated
  • Cost-effective processing cell

Technical data

  Lasercell Modul 4 LS
Travel pathsOptics
X-axis: stroke = 500 mm | v = 30 m/s
Z-axis: Stroke = 250 mm | v = 30 m/s
Dimensions  (L x B x H)1000 x 1500 x 2650 mm
Positioning accuracy±0,02 mm (VDI3441)
Control systemSiemens 840 D SL
Beam sourcesolid state laser oder CO2-laser
WorkpieceY-axis: Stroke = 250 mm | v = 30 m/s
C-axis: Revolutions: nx 360°
Speed: max. 300/min
ApplicationsLaser welding, laser cutting, laser deposition welding, others on request
Integration optionClamping equipment, Remoweld scanner optics, wire feed system, quality monitoring systems, etc.


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