WLD Duo – With 2 stations for the highest possible productivity

Maschinenfabrik Arnold from Ravensburg has revised a laser welding system for differentials for a well-known customer from the automotive sector and delivered it in 2021. 

The fully automated system consists of several individual processes and is integrated into the assembly area of ​​the customer's production.  

This is the core process of the plant Laser welding a differential housing and a ring gear with an alloy ring as additional material. This procedure is unique in Germany. 

Upstream processes such as laser cleaning and joining, as well as quality assurance processes such as brushing and ultrasonic testing of the weld complete the overall concept. 

A 2-station machine is used as the welding system – the WLD duo - for use. The WLD-Duo is available with various beam sources such as fiber, disk, diode and CO2 lasers. 

Due to the loading parallel to main time, this system achieves extremely fast cycle times with minimal non-productive times. The laser beam source is thus used efficiently and downtimes are minimized. Another advantage of this system is the possibility of axial and radial welding. This means that a large range of components can be covered and the customer needs fewer systems. 

The open control offers excellent possibilities for the integration of further modules such as joining or preheating processes as well as quality monitoring systems. 

The compact footprint and the "single-block" construction enable easy transport and quick re-commissioning at the end customer. 

The sales team at ARNOLD RAVENSBURG under and +49 751 36169-199 for further information. 

 advantages and opportunities  

  • Loading parallel to main time 
  • Radial and axial welding of rotationally symmetrical components 
  • Welding with and without filler material 
  • Open control for CO2 or solid-state lasers from various manufacturers 
  • Various quality monitoring systems (online, offline monitoring) 
  • Space for beam and power meters 
  • Expansion options (pressing, heating) in the cell 
  • Small footprint and dimensions also for overseas transport ("single block") 
  • Manual or Automated 
  • Modular custom jigs 
  • Contact forces during welding up to 6 tons. 
  • Siemens 840D NC control 
  • Very good service accessibility from 3 sides